FlashCapture 2.0

Save Flash videos and gameshots instantly


  • Downloads Flash very quickly
  • No need to leave IE


  • Only works with IE
  • Floating button can be annoying


Saving Flash videos is the one way to ensure that you never lose content on YouTube or other video websites as it may be taken offline.

Flash Capture is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to save snapshot Flash (.SWF) and video (.FLV) in just one click. In addition, it includes a small and basic Flash player which can play your captures from such sites as youtube.com, video.google.com, dailymotion.com, myspace.com, vidmax.com and tetesaclaques.tv. The capturing process is extremely quick (depending on your connection) and it allows you to save Flash and video in a single click, instead of having to search for them in your Temporary Internet Files folder which can prove absolutely impossible. The other big advantage is that you can save video without even leaving IE for one second as it simply allows you to right click and save the Flash at any time.

Alternatively, you can save videos via a floating button which can become a bit annoying when it pops up over every Flash video although you can deactivate this. Once saved on your hard drive, the program also allows you to categorise your clips to prevent you losing them or getting confused as to what they are.

If you regularly save Flash videos or don´t want to risk losing online content, give Flash Capture a whirl.

FlashCapture supports the following formats


Have you ever wanted to save a Flash video, game sequence or presentation? If you often read Flash based charts, study Flash presentations, receive Flash e-cards, watch comic Flash movies or play Flash games, then FlashCapture is for you.

This Internet Explorer add-on tool enables you to save, snapshot, email, and categorize Flash files (.SWF) in just one click. Now you can replay your favourite Flash moments, offline at anytime.



FlashCapture 2.0

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